Trevor Schubert

Associate Pastor

Trevor Schubert

Trevor's Story

Why me?  I know I don’t deserve God’s grace and mercy and so “thank you” is my only answer.

I grew up in a Christian home and my local church poured into my life. I remember the Bible being read, preached, explained, and modeled by my family and my church. I also remember sleeping through more than a few sermons. As a child, I was surrounded by God’s grace, but I don’t think it was until I was a teenager that I truly experienced a personal conviction of sin, grasped the gospel of grace and turned to Jesus in trust. It was through two people in particular that God captured my heart; my youth pastor, Jon, and my friend, Brett. Jon shared the gospel with me and encouraged me to read the Bible. Brett was a Christian brother, and together we learned to love Jesus. It was at this time that God began to give me freedom from the grip of sin, and birthed in me a strong desire to follow Jesus.

After High School, I enlisted in the Air Force as an active duty fire fighter. God’s kind providence was apparent while I was in the service. He taught me, protected me, gave me more life-giving friends, and blessed me with a wonderful wife. It was also during this time that God gave me a passion to serve His church. Various Christian mentors affirmed this call. They allowed me to serve the church and encouraged me to pursue biblical training. After my enlistment was completed, I attended and later graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

While in Chicago, my wife and I led an intercity youth ministry. I was later offered a youth ministry internship at Faith Bible Church in Iowa, and then in 2011 was called to serve at First Baptist in Casper, WY, as their Youth Pastor. In 2013, West Center gave me the opportunity me to serve as an Apprentice Pastor. In May 2017, I finished the apprenticeship and graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, receiving an M.Div. After graduating, God opened the opportunity for us to stay in Madison with me serving at WCB as an Associate Pastor.

My wife Stephanie and I have been married since 2007, and along the way, God has blessed us with three children (two daughters and one son). God has also used the joys and tears of marriage and parenthood to humble us and teach us how to treasure, depend upon and extend His grace to one another. We are thankful for God’s mercy and kindness to us, and thankful He has given us the opportunity to serve Him. We count it a joy to be able to serve Christ alongside of the folks at WCB.

Stephanie and I are eager to raise up and equip people through the power of the Spirit to love and follow Jesus. It is our hope for West Center that we continue growing to love God more, look more like Jesus, mature in our knowledge of the Bible, and share the gospel with the lost in Madison and around the world. 


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