Sermon Series



Proverbs: The Way of Wisdom


The Tongue







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Exiles with a Living Hope

Elect Exiles

Magnificent Realities & Merciful Testing 

Christians: Privileged Over Prophets and Angels

Ransomed for Holy Conduct

The New Birth

Offer Spiritual Sacrifices

The Church and the State

Following the Suffering Servant

Marriage, Submission, and the Adorning of the Heart

A Path for Redemptive Suffering

A Remnant Through Resurrection

Don’t Waste Your Christian Life

Glorifying God at the End of All Things

The Humble Flock



Sketches of the Messiah

The Advent of the Gospel

You Have Not Withheld Your Son 

Sit at My Right Hand

The Righteous Branch

Good News: You’re Not Jesus



The Holiness of God

Holy, Holy, Holy

The Holy One of God

A Holy Nation



RUTH: The God Who Redeems

Act 1: Punishment & Emptiness

Act 2: Kindness & Harvest

Act 3: Midnight at the Threshing Floor

Act 4: Redemption

Epilogue: The Royal Line 



OFFICES of The CHURCH: Elders & Deacons

Finding Pasture: A Biblical Theology of Shepherding

Shepherding Believers: The Role of Elders

Deacons: Ministers of Mercy

What Does Healthy Church Government Look Like?



GALATIANS:  Justified by Faith in Christ

Authority & Apostleship 

Counterfeit Gospels  

The Gospel from God  

The Gospel to The Gentiles

Gospel Misconduct: The Fear of Man 

Justified By Faith

Children of Abraham: The Spirit Given Through Faith 

He Became A Curse for Us

The Law and The Promise

One in Christ

Church Drift: When Christ Isn't Formed in You

The Jerusalem Above is Free

The Hope of Righteousness

A Call to a Biblical Freedom

Flesh & Spirit: The War Within

Spiritual Restoration 

Sowing & Reaping Unto Eternity

What Counts is New Creation




God In Himself

God In Creation & Salvation

God In the Christian Life

God In Public Worship 



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