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WCB Constitution & By-Laws
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Elders & Deacons

On Sunday, September 11, 2016, the Pastors and Leadership Council presented a plan for biblically-driven changes in our church government to the members of WCB. On September 18, we held a congregational meeting and voted to move forward in a plural-elder led congregationalism form of government. A copy of the polity proposal is available at the church office. A membership meeting was held in January with a vote and the nominees were elected to eldership.

WCB Elders:  Dave Thayer, Doug Sims, Brett Pierce, and Joel Molascon

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OFFICES of The CHURCH: Elders & Deacons



Ministry Teams

WCB Ministry Teams were formed by the Leadership Council to assist in carrying out the ministries and activities of the WCB. The teams meet each month on their own, and meet quarterly as a large group. Consider the gifts God has given you and pray about joining a team.  If you would like to get involved with one of the ministry teams below contact the team's Leadership Council Representative.  


Leadership Council

The Leadership Council shall be the primary governing body of the church.  They shall be accountable to the church body for providing leadership in spiritual live, doctrine, policies, and planning.  The Council will form Ministry Teams to assist in carrying out the ministries and activities of the church.  The general members of the Leadership Council will be the liaison for at least one ministry team.  The Leadership Council shall approve the chair of each ministry team.

Leadership Council Members
Jimmy Materese, Keefe Nelson, & Steven Sims


Executive Committee

 Executive Committee shall act as legal officers of the corporation in accordance with the laws of South Dakota.  They shall have the authority to sign documents on behalf of the congregation as so directed.

Doug Sims - President / Chair
Open - Vice President / Vice Chair
Jimmy Materese - Treasurer

Adult Ministry Team

It’s the Adult Team’s mission to initiate, promote and maintain programs that shall assist adults in developing spiritual maturity. These goals are accomplished through Bible studies and small group studies. For more information on joining a study or becoming a member on the team contact WCB.

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WCB Adult Ministry
WCB Women's Ministry
WCB Men's Ministry

Children's Ministry Team

Please pray for WCB to touch the lives of the children of this community for God’s glory! Do you have a love for children and a love for teaching them of Jesus? Consider joining the Children’s Team! We reach out to children with the message of Christ’s unconditional love, guiding them to grow into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, nurturing in them a heart to serve.

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WCB Children's Ministry

Deacon Care Team

The Deacon Care Ministry Team is responsible for such activities as all aspects of membership, communion, baptism, marriage procedures, developing a caring community of believers through shepherding, and other ministries to meet the individual needs of the congregation. We ask that you be in prayer for us.

Facilities Ministry Team

God has given us a big challenge to keep the church property working and usable.  We could use a few new members on our team, so if you feel God calling you to be a part of a team, give us a try. It is fun and rewarding. Help us to be good stewards of God’s buildings.

Missions Ministry Team

Missions teams' responsibility includes promoting and educating the body on missions. Encouraging and supporting those within our membership who have been called by God and are seeking education and training in professional Christian work. If you are interested in joining the team contact any of our members.

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WCB Missions Ministry

Outreach Ministry Team

It is the mission of the Outreach Team to help lead, equip and train the body to reach the unsaved. Finding ways within the community where people’s lives can be touched by the love of Christ. We sponsor and organize several events designed to connect our community with Christ.

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WCB Outreach Ministry

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team’s responsibilities are the annual budget, overseeing the bills, investments, tithes and offerings, and promoting effective stewardship in our body through training.

Top 10 Ways to Financial Freedom

Welcome Ministry Team

The purpose of the Welcome Team is to assist people to go from visitors of West Center to becoming healthy disciples. It is our goal to make all who attend WCB feel welcome and have the opportunity to get involved. Consider joining our team.

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WCB Welcome Ministry

Worship Ministry Team

It is the mission of the Worship Team to develop meaningful and creative experiences of worship for all ages in which God is lifted up.

Youth Ministry Team

Our mission is to initiate, promote, and develop opportunities for youth to mature in their walk with Jesus. We do this through Bible studies, service, community outreach, and fellowship opportunities where youth are able to connect with each other and adults who can help and encourage them on their faith journey.

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WCB Youth Ministry

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