Brett Pierce


Brett Pierce

Brett's Story

I came to accept the Lord as my savior while I was in grade school. I understood that I was a sinner in need of salvation that was only attainable through the work of Jesus Christ and by putting my faith and trust in Him. I tried to pursue Christ and witnessed to my friends, arguing for my faith, but slowly started to drift away from the Lord and follow the desires of the world. I found attention and acceptance in being the quick-witted comic relief in my circle of friends. I was praised for breaking the boundaries of a sheltered Christian life.  And while these things brought a feeling of satisfaction and acceptance at the time, I found that when I was alone I had great fear of how far I had drifted from the Lord.  I knew I was called to return to walking in the light and by the faith God had given me.

I believe that the Lord continued to pursue me and had protected me by giving me a heart that was sensitive to His Spirit. It wasn’t until after I was married, when my wife came to salvation, that I started to pursue the Lord again. We started attending West Center Baptist and soon made it our home church. The Lord has used many men and circumstances in the life of our church to help mature and grow my faith and understanding of him.

My wife Stacey and I have five beautiful children that, although challenging, are a delight to guide and watch grow up in the Lord. It is a joy to know the legacy we can continue, seeking to raise our children in a home nurtured in the truth of God’s word. My hope for West Center is that we would see God for who he really is and ourselves for who we really are, resting on the truth of his word. I pray that we would be a people surrendered to God and his authority and that we would foster a culture of serving, honoring and discipling one another.


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