Incarnating the Love of Christ

Jesus moves toward the needy in tender compassion.  He has called his church to look for opportunities to do good to all people, especially those in the household of faith (Galations 6:10), by caring for the whole person (body and soul).  Our desire is to wisely assist those in need, moving them toward right relationship with God, self, others, and creation.

Benevolence Requests

Before requesting assistance, we ask that you first bring the need to your Life Group or one of our elders. We hope that you reach out to your closest community in times of hardship. You can also schedule an appointment with an elder or a staff member here. This individual will provide guidance and give you further information about what assistance the church can provide.

Hospital and Home Visits

If you or a loved one have been hospitalized, don't hesitate to call on our church body for assistance. We encourage you to ask your Life Group and shepherding elder for prayer and support. You can also contact the church for further assistance with a hospital or home visit, here.


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